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Welcome to:

The Analog Dept.

The focus at this website is to provide useful information freely to audiophiles interested in the hardware that plays the vinyl Lp.

 What's new at Analog Classifieds Dept:

A TD124 is now up for sale on the analog classifieds page. 

Details (link)


Cartridge fasteners for Thorens tonearms are once again available

misc. NOS Thorens parts are now available in the classifieds dept.


Web Log commentary, opinions, ideas and perspective

Articles: (link to index of articles)


The next TD124 project; sn 13943 

  This project starts off with a bare metal chassis and then proceeds to build with some non-traditional components and thinking.

  Boston Audio Mat 2: review  (for the SP10mkII)

to the SP10 project page  Current activity: Materials testing for main platter bearing at the thrust.

 Measuring the performance of your turntable

  checking out the Minus-K isolation platform

review pending: Hagerman Trumpet phono stage

More Projects:

Site owner gets a Thorens TD126 mkIII  Let's look it over.

Beyer Dynamic MC step up transformers and the Shelter

Refurbished Shelter  What luck,  a phono re-tipping services starts up in my local area.  And now my Shelter 501-II is repaired and ready to spin vinyl for another several years.  Details and photos at link.

Recent Projects:

                  DSC_5577.jpg (291098 bytes) Anatomy of a Thorens tonearm, the TP16 (mk1)

                #2078 A TD124 restoration project.

                 #79209  A TD150 restored and transformed

                    An update to the Teres.

Useful knowledge:

2pt_1.GIF (90061 bytes) Tonearm Cartridge Alignment FAQ    An illustrated definition of terms.

Thorens owners and service manuals.  Most models covered.  Free.  Copy to your hard drive.




 Articles, Projects and Reviews

Notes on the TD124

#2078 a TD124 restoration project.

ADN_4.jpg (54639 bytes) Listening Over At Mike's Place 

Using the TAD ARC Protractor

No. 34259, a TD150 restoration and upgrade procedure. DSC_4502.JPG (100621 bytes)

  TD124 project #2128: a thorough mechanical renewal  

Zeta Tonearm on the TD124

Review: Verus Motor Upgrade for the Teres

A reader in Italy repairs his TD160 motor!

Thorens Reference #34 is resurrected

 A Papst in a Thorens?

Notes On 1/4-Inch Open Reel Audio Tape: part 1  By Steve Clarke

Restoring an Audio Classic; The SME 3009 Series II Tonearm By Brian Kearns

VSAC '08 By Steve Clarke

Simon's Garrard 301 Story by Simon Smith (AKA The Open Mind)

An holistic approach to home audio By Stefano Bertoncello

MC Step Up Transformers, Part 1  By Steve Clarke

Tuning Arms and Cartridges on the TD124

Review: Boston Audio Design Mat 1, by Jonathan Noble ---


I buy used Thorens, AR, Garrard and Technics SP10 Record players

For more info contact: webmaster@theanalogdept.com


Plinth builder's Gallery: A photo gallery of custom bases and surrounds for high-end record players. Both commercial and ameteur (diy) examples are included. All photos are sent in by their authors.

Free LP database Software for that vast LP collection you're hoarding.  Link here, it's free..

Systems Dept.    .......a photo gallery of audio systems that play vinyl from around the world. Some are expensive, some are more interesting than they are costly and all are very much worth a look.  It's just too bad we can't take a 'listen' as well.

The Idler Drives

Article for Garrard Interest:  Diy'ing A Time Machine, J. Noble

Garrard Gallery: A photo gallery of the professional grade Garrards sent in from owners all over the world.

    The Thorens Dept.       

Featuring popular "Vintage" Thorens turntables like the TD124, TD150, TD125, TD160 etc

extensive 'inside-the-box' photo outlays, 

maintenance, tuning and tweaking information, 

Top to bottom restoration articles

parts lists, magazine articles and advertising literature from 'the day'.

new TD124 book (revised 2nd ed.)  Status: Now Available  click link for more info

Thorens Photo Gallery.   A photo gallery of Thorens turntables. Photos are sent in by their owners from around the globe.  If music is the universal language, then these Thorens must be the universal medium music is played on.

Thorens owners and service manuals.  Most models covered.  Free.  Copy to your hard drive.

Turntable Suspension Tuning   Tim Bailey shows us how to tune a suspended turntable the right way.

More Suspension Tuning with plenty of graphics  ...and movies too. An addition to Tim's tutorial. This page describes it by going through the steps.  Lots of photos

Tonearm Cartridge Alignment FAQ    An illustrated definition of terms.


What's Under Your Turntable?  a photo gallery of TT support systems 

 SME Dept.  Look at all the bits and pieces then see it reassembled.


Interesting Vinyl  

Many, many photos

Decoding UK EMI Parlophones 

plus other interesting labels and finds.

Do It Yourself Dept.  

scratch built turntables, wall racks, armboards, shelves, platter mats, et al.

Getting rid of Static

 Platter mats are easy to make

Armboards, fitting an SME3009 Improved to a TD160  

Tweaking a TD160... Here are a few ideas that work well and are easy to do.

Tweaking a TD150 Mk II. (getting much more serious)

JJ Jimmink's diy TT uses a Teres platter bearing...more

Build your own Wall bracket for your turntable

Microscopic Views   big pictures of little phono cartridge parts.

Speaker cables you make from 14 gage Home Depot outdoor extension cord.

 some DIY cable lift ideas that are cheap to make

Teres Dept. An experienced perspective on the original Teres kit turntable.

Webmaster: Steve Clarke

 most images copyright Steve Clarke, unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to use any of my imagery for your own purposes please contact me before doing so.

mailto: webmaster@theanalogdept.com  >

Photo: Blown Away Steve Steigman


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