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Back to Beatles; on Parlophone

date: 3/12/2006  Seattle, USA


PCS 7027: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (ca.1967) Stereo mix

7027_cover_1a.jpg (201464 bytes)  The gatefold jacket is the laminated Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. printing and provides excellent detail resolution when compared to later pressings of the same LP. I'm rating the gatefold jacket to be in VG condition with dog-eared corners and a slightly ratty but intact spine.  The spine is "mostly" readable and there are no seam splits.  

7027_cutout.jpg (139867 bytes) The cut-out sheet is near mint having been stored in the front slip of the gatefold and apparently handled very little over the past 39 years or so.

labels: yellow on Black

7027_aa.jpg (197089 bytes) click on thumbnail to view full size photo

Side one:

Matrix: YEX 637-1 (1st lacquer)
Mother: 4 
stamper: A M ( # 34)

 7027_bb.jpg (206399 bytes)

Side two matrix codes:

Matrix: YEX 638-1 (1st lacquer)
Mother: 4  
Stamper: A L ( # 38)

The vinyl plays near silently between tracks with only soft surface noise appearing now and then. The sound quality has great clarity of tone and depth of detail offering a superior listen when compared to a Capitol pressing of this album that I have.  I rate the vinyl at VG++ on both sides subtracting a few points for minor scuffing and some spindle marks to the label.  Overall, a really nice stereo Sgt. Peppers to listen to.

7027_cover_2a.jpg (104620 bytes)

7027text_a.jpg (236334 bytes) detail close-up of back cover text.

First lacquer, 4th Mother, likely a first pressing but far from being an early one.  A good sounding LP.

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