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Ad: Thorens TD150 mkII, revised (R7_2) is SOLD


I am pleased to present for your consideration this revised Thorens model TD150 mkII.  It wears a custom plinth of my design that I call the R7_2.  The 'R7' indicates the seventh unique plan I'd drawn for the TD150.  The '2' designation recognizes it as the second turntable I have built to this plan..  R7_2 features, as its beating heart, a chassis, motor, bearing and platter system working in top condition.  The motor runs silent, the pulley spins true, the platters and bearing operate per their design.  Its floating subchassis is equipped with the latest generation Linn Lp12 springs and grommets.  The subchassis itself has been weight balanced to the effect that each of the three springs carries the same weight loading.  (when stock they don't)  The tonearm mounted is a restored Sumiko MMT complete with a Sumiko HS-12 headshell.  The counterweight has a removable auxiliary counterweight that can add mass to the assembly when carrying heavier loads at the front.  Think low output mc cartridges with stiff suspensions in combination with that HS-12 headshell.  The auxiliary weight is necessary for that application. It is held in place by one set screw and is easily installed and removed.  The mounting collar has been improved by making a new one out of solid delrin featuring a more massive body, and a snug fit over the bottom pipe it clamps around.

The R7 plinth is a unique design originated here at The Analog Dept. with input from a client who wanted me to design and build for him the first R7.  R7_2 is built from the same plans and has been used in-house for my personal use and experimentation.   Per plan this plinth features three 1/4-20 steel threaded inserts installed into the plinth bottom.  This affords a tri-pod stance using any footers the owner might choose.  I have installed for this sale three heavy rubber feet.

Another feature of this design is the jack plate on its back side.  Its very solid structure allows ease when connecting the interconnects of your choice.  There is also a ground stud with thumb nut to allow connection of a ground strap between this deck and the phono preamp in your system.  More about the jack plate and grounding further down the page.

The cartridge shown mounted in the photos does not come with this sale.  It will be used for in room auditions for local interested parties should they wish to come try it out before buying.  There are many more detail photos and descriptions further down this page.  Thanks kindly for your interest. 


For a complete description scroll down, read the text and view the photos.  The thumbnail images can be seen full size simply by left-clicking on them with your mouse pointer. 

DSC_2870.jpg (300727 bytes) DSC_2868.jpg (305259 bytes) DSC_2867.jpg (278870 bytes) DSC_2865.jpg (331046 bytes) DSC_2864.jpg (280401 bytes)

DSC_2848.jpg (298403 bytes) DSC_2849.jpg (305016 bytes) DSC_2850.jpg (301521 bytes)

DSC_2860.jpg (268734 bytes)

The plinth is a constrained layer build using Baltic Birch Multi-ply (cabinet grade) Adhered with liquid hide glue. The external finish on the R7_2 plinth is natural.  The exposed end grain is stained Cherry and then sealed with multiple coatings of Tung Oil. The rest of it, inside and out,  is coated in a heavy textured black enamel.

The tonearm board is made from MDF covered with figured Cherry veneer and sealed with Tung Oil.

The footers are held in place via 1/4-20 machine screws.  Three steel thread inserts installed into the plinth allow the use of any footer the owner chooses in a tri-pod stance. 

The plinth on the inside:

DSC_2813.jpg (210987 bytes) DSC_2814.jpg (221274 bytes)

What's underneath:

DSC_2812.jpg (228933 bytes) New, recently installed Linn Lp12 springs and grommets compliment this 'spring suspended, foam-insert-damped, and ballast weight balanced floating subchassis. Once the ballast tuning is complete, each spring carries the same load. Result: vertical spring oscillation.  The foam inserts dampen the spring motion somewhat like an automotive shock absorber.  The purpose is to reduce bounciness.  The end result is a deck with extremely low noise floor and well isolated from acoustic sound waves (feedback).

The motor and pulley system spin true and noiselessly.  A new timing capacitor, of a tighter tolerance ( 5%) than factory, has been installed. Platters, inner and outer spin true.  The bearing shows no evidence of wear and operates like new. (A new 'thrust pad insert', machined from Tekapeek is in place)

The Tonearm: Sumiko MMT has been serviced and is with additions:

The MMT tonearm has been disassembled, cleaned thoroughly with attention to the pivot bearings, re-assembled and adjusted.  Tracking ability is superb!

The mounting collar is upgraded with one that has been lathe-turned from solid Delrin. The new collar features a close fit over the Sumiko bottom pipe for a solid and rigid mounting.

An auxiliary counter-weight is machined from Delrin to allow mass tuning for heavier headshells and cartridges.

The auxiliary weight (also lathe-turned Derin) slips over the hub end of the factory Counterweight and is held in place via set screw.  Install or remove as needed. Now this tonearm can accommodate the mass needs of a wider variety of cartridges to suit the owner's preference.

DSC_2871.jpg (198704 bytes) DSC_2872.jpg (202949 bytes)

The jack plate: R7_2_jack plate.jpg (360720 bytes)  DSC_2827.jpg (238783 bytes) DSC_2824.jpg (304332 bytes) DSC_2825.jpg (294691 bytes) 

The jack plate is custom made from aluminum plate.  It provides a solid structure that holds the two rca output jacks and also a ground stud to run a ground wire out to the phono preamp you will connect to. 

Grounding: The tonearm is grounded from its body to both the ground stud on the jack plate as well as to the chassis of the Thorens.  There is also a  ground strap from the chassis to the third leg of the male iec power connector.  Thusly grounding to the earth your building stands on.  


Detailed list:

Thorens TD150 mkII chassis, motor, platters and bearing in first rate condition.
Sumiko MMT tonearm
Sumiko HS-12 headshell
Custom built rear mount RCA jack plate provides a firm structure for plugging in your interconnects.
R7 plinth system (designed and built at The Analog Dept.)
Linn Lp12 springs and grommets (latest version) Foam damped.
Weight balanced suspension to ensure each spring caries the same weight loading.
Heavy Duty rubber footers with 1/4-20" fasteners.
Comes with a --unique to this tonearm-- arc protractor utilizing Stevenson alignment geometry.

Other notes: The cartridge shown in the photos is not included. It is, however to be used for any auditions taken at this location prior to sale.

Price: $850.00 less S&H  Paypal (+ transaction fee), Money Order. Local pick-up is possible. Contact the webmaster for further details.

--R7_2 has been sold for the asking price.  Thanks for your interest.--

Thanks for looking!

PS: for a detailed pictorial history of this turntable see this link: 79209