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Thorens TD124


FER_3896.jpg (200640 bytes) FER3.jpg (276584 bytes) FER3886.jpg (231120 bytes)

Above; early first version.  sn 3215

Thorens TD524 (restored)


"Hello and thank you for your effort.
I do not know if of any interest for you. Attached you'll find a pics of a TD 524 in "sunday dress". 

Not heavy transformed but just to make it fit for the living room. Salvaged from a humid discotec in
a pitiful shape.  All cleaned inside incl. prints and and and, by my good friend Marco Amaducci who's patience was almost endless. 

The writing on the aluminium board had to be redone as
original and now in almost initial splendor. 

Thank you again and best rgds from Switzerland
Ferruccio "