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start date: 2/13/2018

The Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorder

Above: Down to the bones. 2/21/2018

Below: previously

In disassembly

DSC_6821.jpg (383336 bytes) DSC_6824.jpg (412362 bytes) DSC_6825.jpg (439196 bytes) DSC_6827.jpg (283984 bytes)

DSC_6883.jpg (514636 bytes)   DSC_6892.jpg (437377 bytes)

DSC_6891.jpg (547526 bytes) Capstan

DSC_6884.jpg (537505 bytes)

DSC_6890.jpg (539216 bytes) DSC_6889.jpg (497244 bytes) DSC_6888.jpg (447455 bytes)

DSC_6839.jpg (327085 bytes) DSC_6878.jpg (306347 bytes) DSC_6877.jpg (456688 bytes)

  DSC_6873.jpg (494537 bytes) DSC_6872.jpg (480907 bytes)

DSC_6871.jpg (501747 bytes) DSC_6870.jpg (394887 bytes) DSC_6867.jpg (502416 bytes)

DSC_6866.jpg (418926 bytes) DSC_6875.jpg (532335 bytes)

DSC_6828.jpg (316727 bytes) DSC_6829.jpg (285305 bytes) DSC_6850.jpg (481619 bytes) DSC_6851.jpg (541947 bytes)

DSC_6852.jpg (748751 bytes) DSC_6855.jpg (644119 bytes) DSC_6856.jpg (573702 bytes) DSC_6858.jpg (704350 bytes)

DSC_6859.jpg (558887 bytes) DSC_6860.jpg (670457 bytes) DSC_6842.jpg (573489 bytes) DSC_6843.jpg (623005 bytes)

notes:  After taking these photos and looking them over in detail I have determined that this recorder will require more money invested for replacement parts than its final value will be after a restoration.   This  unit does have some redeeming features.  Mainly, it is saved from the scrap heap due to its good external cosmetics.  Internally, it doesn't look nearly as good.  Status: to be stored indoors for future reference.