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Revox A77


Revox model A-77 (circa 1970)


Cosmetics: very good.  solid wood cabinetry with walnut veneer as shown in photos. 

mechanical: Does not play tapes.  Powers up.  The light above the power switch lights.  Reel motors operate correctly.  Capstan motor does not hold speed.  tape counter is functional.  VU meters do not function. 


DSC_1251.jpg (297488 bytes)

DSC_1252.jpg (370260 bytes)  Solid Wood cabinets with Walnut Veneer: minor imperfections.  Overall quite attractive. Study photos closely to assess condition.

DSC_1253.jpg (390205 bytes) Switch-able for world wide voltage requirements.

DSC_1254.jpg (379293 bytes)

DSC_1255_ano.jpg (279801 bytes) The plastic cover shows two chips near the fastener screws.

DSC_1256.jpg (306461 bytes)

DSC_1257.jpg (305931 bytes)

DSC_1258.jpg (274584 bytes)

DSC_1259.jpg (288070 bytes) Teac 10-1/2 reel clamps included.