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Abe Revilla

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Turntable: Teres 255, Thorens TD124 MKII

Tonearm: Origin Live Silver with mods, SME 3012 Series II

Cartridges: Koetsu Rosewood, Denon 304, Benz Ace M, Grado Gold, Denon 103R (retipped by Soundsmith)

Phono: Supratek MC, Cornet II

Linestage: Supratek Chenin Full Function Preamp

CD Payer: Jolida JD100A modified

Step Up: Tribute, Cinemag

Amplifier: ATI 6012 through Orion ASP Crossover

Speakers: Orions

Cables: Soundking 16 Ga. for speakers, Purist Audio and mix of DIY's

Tweaks: Virtual Dynamics power cables (P1 and P3), BDR, Audio Points, vibrapod, front wall fiberglass absorber