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Looking for a way to get a VPI Aries up off the floor.

(Above photo: JD's VPI Aries with Graham 1.5 uni-pivot tonearm.)

JD, takes a long look at some office furniture, then has an idea.  Details below.

click on thumbnail to view full size image.

#1 (IMG0034 Before Wallshelf Image.jpg)

'Before' Wallshelf.

Main turntable supported by two-section lead-filled Lovan rack, shelf of Mdf layered-composite, one-inch acrylic topshelf and four 'DH Squares' for Aries cones. Hidden to right of Aries is Tamura Moving Coil transformer on small diy chassis.  Signal enters via Tamura MC transformer and emerges at Airtight poweramp via Tamura output transformers. Luxman full-function phono-preamp was designed by Mr. J. Kimura, now of 47 Laboratory.  Poweramp designed by Mr. A. Miura, formerly of Luxman Corp., now of Airtight.



#2 (100_0078.JPG)

Wallshelf Idea.

In this blurry photo is the origin of our version of the wallshelf.

It's the only photo of the wallshelf when it was in idea form only....

On the lower right is a nondescript rolling table, topped with slate on which there are books & magazines in this photo. This rolling frame originally supported rails for hanging office files, is made of powder-coat painted tubular steel with no joints or welds and so easily handles the fifty-lb. slate....

When turned upside down, the threaded fittings for the castors exactly fit some speaker-levelling spikes on hand from M. Percy Audio. This coincidence had to get exploited. Some aluminum stock as back-plates to spread the load across the drywall, some stainless-steel hardware, and there it is--- a wallshelf. Also some drilling, hacksawing, and filing. Thanks go to Steve & Siegfried (who also noticed how the triangular Lovan racks 'nest' directly into the under-space of this general kind of design.)



#3 (101_0162.JPG)

Piggybacking levels.

Lots of trial and hopefully not too much error, using small spirit level taped to another level for comparison & confirmation. A little unobtrusive left-to-right spec drilling will help ascertain the exact postion of studs. This exploratory drilling can be done with a tiny bit... drywall dust or sawdust ?.... and will be hidden by aluminum back-plates anyway. A stud is about 1.8" wide, so be sure of stud centers and pilot-hole with a slight angle, down and into the stud. Rely on the fact that the shelf load will re-level that angle once the structure is bolted on and weighted down.



#4 (101_0167.JPG)

Underside of shelf.

M. Percy spikes meet 'Simply Physics' cone-cups to support aluminum-stock struts which in turn support Mdf / silicone-sealant / Mdf composite shelf. Tamura transformer standing by on lower shelf.


#5 (101_0166.JPG)

Preposition overnight with one-third of the weight load.

Leaving the motor-pod and mondo platter elsewhere, at least for 24 hours, to allow the lag-bolts to "set" into the studs.

Visible beneath turntable is spindle-bearing earth-ground, for static elimination.



#6 (101_0178.jpg)


#7 (101_0180.JPG)

Final Wallshelf version.

Guess we're in beta-testing now. Haven't even tried the MC cartridges yet... There's something very reassuring about an inexpensive MM cartridge with a stylus-guard for this kind of thing.  There is a reasonable increase in isolation and noticeable improvement in lower midrange / upper bass, micro-detail.

Candidates for adjustment :

Changes in spikes or cups ? Change of Mdf composite and/or struts beneath ?
Lightweight internal damping for rack structure itself, perhaps expanding foam ?

Thanks to all at Vinyl Asylum, the cult of light & rigid, and user 510.

"Additional bits and pieces....broad aluminum front strut added, stiffens up the whole structure.....also softer brass washers for all six 4" lag-bolts that support the main frame.....shorter, more compact 'RamSet' main-spikes with heatshrink as damper....

RamSets rest in small 1" Sumiko conecups, support 26 x 20" thick slate...DH Squares support Aries table while stock footers have been removed from Motor Pod, to be replaced with 12 x 6" granite plate, bonded in-between 3M5-mil polyurethane polymer.  The objective of broadening the motor pod footprint is: first, to minimize any lateral micro-wobble and direct imm3ediately to shelf, and also to provide a "damping pad" to the shelf itself, which is slightly resonant with only small footprint items on top."



System Detail


airtight m101 : mullard drivers, svetlana output

Preamplifier (or None if Integrated):

luxman cl32 : tungsram phono, telefunken line


acoustic energy uk : ae2 speakers, stae2 stands


CD Player/DAC:

theta digital : databasic 2 transport / tlc jitter + psu / pro-basic 3a dac

Turntable/Phono Stage:

vpi aries turntable / graham 1.5t tonearm / tamura mc stepup transformers + lux cl32 tube mm phonosection / krell kpa mc phonostage + psu /

cartridges : koetsu black mc / benz-micro L2 bruyere mc / sumiko pearl mm / empire 2000eIII mm