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Comments: TD125mk2 / SME3009S2 'improved' / Shure V15III, early 70's. Got it from Ebay for real money but it's a "sound" investment. Seen here with a Pioneer Pl-12D headshell, i use it with the SME headshell now with an Ortofon Super OM20, mainly for classical.

Comments: 'Bought this TD145mk1 off a classifieds site here in Holland. Used it for a while with a Denon DL-160, excellent for classical/opera but too polite for rock IMHO. The TP16 arm, often looked down upon, performed fine with this low compliance MC. I sold the TT later on, you can't keep them all.


FRK145_1bweb.jpg (69303 bytes)  FRK145_1cweb.jpg (54484 bytes)  FRK145_1dweb.jpg (92030 bytes)

Comments: TD145 mkII, circa 1979. This is the one that started it all. I bought it for 5 euro on a fleamarket. Heavily modified, everything is damped with bitumen tape, homemade 22mm MDF plinth and bottom plate, Van den Hul wiring, separate ground cable, Ortofon Super OM20 cartridge.

FRK145_IIaweb.jpg (26568 bytes) FRK145_IIbweb.jpg (42071 bytes) Note the Thorens factory logo on the belt.  The one we all want to get. (editor)

FRK145_IIcweb.jpg (60178 bytes)  

Td166_1.jpg (67793 bytes)

Comments: TD166 mkI, circa 1975. I found it in a thriftstore for 20 euro in very good condition so i couldn't resist. I'll keep this one original for the collection.

TD150mkII 002.jpg (48757 bytes)

Comments: TD150 mkII, circa 1971. I won this one on a "live" auction for 12 euro! Alas without the little counterweight and anti skating weight, but i had a couple of Lenco parts. With a few drops of sewing machine oil the motor spins nice and quiet again. With complete documentation: the English manual and two original brochures in Dutch! I'll keep it as it is for the collection.