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Alex Pointl's TD125 with custom base.

Alex's comments: (with paraphrasing)

I have modified a Thorens TD125 mk 1.  The frame is made from 18mm MDF, a square donut (cross section) filled with quartz sand. It weighs 20 kg.  Total turntable weight: 35 kg.  The base has 11 coats of paint.  The first owner glued a Lenco brush on the top left of the sub-chassis and then with a screw-driver he pried it off.  I have had the sub-chassis repainted by an auto painter.  The arm is an SME 3009 type 3 and the cartridge is the Audio Technia AT-OC9 mark 2."

AP_td125mk1_3.jpg (64645 bytes)

AP_td125mk1_2.jpg (70277 bytes)

AP_td125mk1_1.jpg (62796 bytes)

AP_OC9ML.jpg (52853 bytes)