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For the TD160 fans; a precision cnc  - machined from aluminum - clutch pulley!

More to come.  For now, go ahead and check out the photos.

DSC_1343.jpg (250487 bytes)

DSC_1344.jpg (239090 bytes)

DSC_1333.jpg (204335 bytes)

DSC_1332.jpg (202526 bytes)

Simone's aluminum clutch pulley fitted to webmaster's TD160C.

DSC_1585.jpg (250456 bytes) at work

Early operation and listening test report:

See above photo of the TD160 playing its first record since the new pulley was installed.


Start-up speed. Quick.  The aluminum surface of this new pulley seems to have excellent grip on the Thorens drive belt.
Rek-O-kut paper strobe: 33-1/3rd rpm.  Gains 1 bar per rev, 45rpm; same as 33-1/3rd  Negligible speed error per paper strobe read.
Sound: listening. Very good