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The Thorens Ambiance


Approximately one year before the Thorens production operation in Lahr, Germany was to file for bankruptcy (and be denied by the German Govt.), they offered their last 'special' turntable;  The Ambiance.  Based on the Thorens TD 2001/3001 design from the early 1990s, the Ambiance (circa 1999) featured its own unique external motor controller-power supply, an RDC damped acrylic platter with brass weights, the 24 pole motor from the later 2001 and the 3001, an upgraded bearing, a custom solid cherry plinth, an RDC bottom plate, 3 point footing and is often paired with an SME 309 tonearm (but the buyer could mount the 9 inch tonearm of choice).  No cartridge was considered too good for this one.

ambiance.jpg (68525 bytes) ambiance(2).jpg (40826 bytes)

The RDC platter from Clearlight Audio

close-up detail of the RDC inlay

With mat off.  Note the brass weights.

Ambiance_Netzteil.jpg (9915 bytes)

ambiance_sme309gp.jpg (24798 bytes) Ambiance4.jpg (39907 bytes)

Above photo shows an Ambiance in the process of being built circa 1999.  Photo courtesy of Stefano Pasini

Link to Pasini's site: http://www.stefanopasini.it/Audio_index_Thorens.htm

FA_amb_1.jpg (205057 bytes) IMG_0573_edits.jpg (178803 bytes) FA_amb_3.jpg (132281 bytes) FA_amb_4.jpg (189638 bytes)

Above 4 photos.  (circa 2013) This Ambiance was offered to me for 4500eur, arm, turntable and power supply.  I wish I would have bought it.