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Pic1: Thorens TD-160 Super w/Linn Basik Plus. Tweaks: There are some tapes on the tonearm to increase damping. As the result, more bass on the bottom end. I also add two padsat the two corners to absorb the vibration from the cover.

Pic2: Main system w/Thorens TD-160 Super

Pic3: VPI HW19 Jr w/AudioQuest PT-6/Audio Interface MC transformer

Pic4: Main system w/VPI HW19 Jr

Pic5: Bedroom system w/Yamaha YP-8D table


AnalogFan's It is all about music....... System

Amplifier: Audio Prism Debut II Power Amp(EL-34, 45 wpc), Luxman 5L15 Integrated (100 wpc)

Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): ARC SP-8 Mk-II, Conrad Johnson Premier 3

Speakers: Celestion Ditton 33

Sources: CD Player/DAC: Counterpoint DA-10 w/UA-20 DACCard, Counterpoint DA-11.5 Transport

Turntable/Phono Stage:

TT #1: VPI 19 Jr/AQ PT-6/Denon DL-103D

TT #2: Thorens TD-160 Super/Linn Basik Plus/Denon DL-160

TT #3: Yamaha YP-D8/Adcom XC-VDH/Rewired w/ Cardas bulk tonearm cable

Step-up MC transformer: Audio Interface


Other Source(s):

Tuner: Luxman T-14

 Speaker Cables/Interconnects:

Monster: 1000i interconnects

MIT: Terminator 2 interconnects and speaker cables

Kimble: PBJ bulk interconnects

Cardas: Cross DIN-RCA tonearm cable

AudioQuest: Sapphire DIN-RCA tonearm cable

Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.):

VPI 16.5 RCM

Room Size (LxWxH):

20 x 16 x 10

Room Comments/Treatments:

The main system is in the living room, and the 2nd system is in the bedroom

Music Preferences and Comments:

Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, New age, Lite music....almost everything except for Rap and Hip-Hop.

System Goals/Comments:

Although there might be more room for upgrading the VPI 19 Jr, I am satisfied with the current setup. I could live with that for awhile. My analog rig beats my digital setup handy.

System Strengths:

Very musical and transparent

System Weaknesses:

Not enough of bass and slam on the bottom end

Video/HT System: None

Other Interests/Hobbies/ Occupation:

Computer Engineer for a multi-national company located in Dallas, TX.