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Hi, my name's Antonio, I'm from Spain, and I'm part of the best Spanish

audio forums http://www.amigoshifi.com and http://www.simple-hifi.com  and a DIY


Last year a friend gave me a big present, a new TD-160 B, without arm and

never used before. So while I was looking for an arm, cartridge and a phono

preamp, I started to make some tweaks on the turntable. The result, now it's

another table, sonically and visually. But I've not damped the chassis a

lot, at least after looking at your web site. So I'm going to try some of

these new tweaks.

If you want to know what I've done on my 160, you can see it at

www.amigoshifi.com at the ARTICULOS section, the one named "El regreso al

vinilo" (only in spanish, sorry), and here you have a pic after the

tweakings (external power unit, the grey box, has changed too, the actual

one is at the second pic).


Antonio Díaz Rodríguez

Gran Canaria - Spain