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Asymmetric Hood and The Asymmetric Base sold together as a set. 

Price: $499.00 usd plus $69 ship

Ships from Switzerland to world-wide.

As noted this offer includes the Asymmetric Base and Hood.

The Asymmetric Base (plinth) is a constrained layer build in Baltic Birch plywood finished in a very dark tint.


The Asymmetric Hood (dust cover) is clear acrylic with excellent optical clarity in 3.5mm thickness throughout.

And it is just the one base.  Once this Asymmetric base is sold the 'plinth and hood as a set' offer is over. 

Hoods can be purchased separately.  See the Analog Classifieds page for information on the other Hoods available at reduced pricing.


To purchase you just need to use the email provided and tell Ferruccio that you read about it here at The Analog Dept.

[email protected]


Please see the photos below that describe the products.  And.. of course the sale does not include the TD124 nor Ortofon RMG 309 nor SME 3012 seen in the photos as props.

İasymmhood_1_edits.jpg (314705 bytes) 

asymmfilled_edits.jpg (231978 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

Above photo: Asymmetric Base with the 'filled' interior.  The two 9 inch armboards ,one blank the other cut for SME,  and the two remote 12-inch mounting boards, one cut for SME, the other blank in the photo are included in this offer. Four armboards in total.  (Buyer supplies own footers of his/her choice)

asymmfilled_1edits.jpg (180772 bytes) Left photo: Asymmetric Base, front view. Note the slightly angular flanks.  It's got style!


Thanks for reading.

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