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The Asymmetric Hood by Ferruccio

Review article: The Asymmetric Hood by Ferruccio

Author: Steve Clarke (webmaster)

Product Description: An acrylic dust cover designed for the Thorens TD124 when fitted with 12-inch tonearms

Price as tested:$269.00 usd plus $65.00 shipping

Seller: Ferruccio in Switzerland

seller's email: [email protected]

date: 11/14/2019

Above two photos of the review sample.  Photo by the author.

I have before me another one of Ferruccio's "Hoods".  It's a dust cover made of acrylic in 3.5mm thickness throughout. Optical clarity is excellent.  Also excellent is the apparent workmanship.  Per its design, it fits over the Thorens TD124 to cover the longer 12-inch tonearms. Like the other "Hoods" in Ferruccio's product line-up it fits closely around the chassis of the TD124 and, by the way, this gives it a greater range of plinths it can be used on.  By this I refer to some of the classic plinths such as The Ortofon ST104 as well as those plinths offered by Thorens dealers world-wide back when the Td124 was new. 

Dubbed the "Asymmetric Hood" by its creator, it derives its name from the asymmetric geometry one observes when viewing from above a TD124 with 12 inch tonearm installed.  One side square, the opposite side angled.  Ergo, the name is Asymmetric because its geometry is.

Consistent with his standard sized "cutout hoods" this Asymmetric Hood also features an open side that allows extra-long counterweights to hang as far out into the breeze as they might require.  Additionally the entire length of the tonearm side is open to the breeze.  This is its style. Asymmetric and open around the tonearm.  There is coverage over the tonearm from above, however.

Here are two overhead sketches (drawn by this author) to illustrate the idea:

Asym_H-n-P_no_1edits.jpg (208254 bytes) click on thumbnaisl to view image full size.

Asym_H-n-P_no_2 edits.jpg (207786 bytes)

It needs to be stated that this Asymmetric Hood is intended for use with 12 inch tonearms pretty much exclusively.  Should one decide to use a 9 inch tonearm.... in particular a 9 inch tonearm that hangs out over the armboard in the counterweight area, we quickly find that this Asymmetric Hood won't clear the long counterweight of it.  No compromises given.  No prisoners taken. It requires 12-inch arms.  

And it needs to be noted here that there is a larger intent here on the part of the designer, Ferruccio.  The Asymmetric Hood is not only to accommodate the TD124 with 12 inch tonearms, it is an accessory to his new plinth design also called Asymmetric.  See photos below, supplied by Ferruccio, that show the Asymmetric Plinth and Hood together over a couple of interesting 12-inch tonearms 

Above photo: Asymmetric Base and Hood in use with an SME 3012 equipped Thorens TD124.

Another photo supplied by Ferruccio showing the Asymmetric Base and Hood combo.  This time the tonearm is a custom Ortofon 309 with gold plate.

Ferruccio assures me that both the Asymmetric Hood and Plinth can be sold together as a matched pair.  Shipped world-wide from his location in Switzerland. Contact Ferruccio directly via his email at: [email protected]

Please tell him you read about it here at The Analog Dept.

end review article