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Audio Video DB for Windows: a stand-alone archiving data base for your audio and video library.

Above image: entering a record into the data base .

Here's the list after entering a few LPs into the list.  Like a database the list is searchable with filters and sort capabilities.  BTW the above screen dumps are in  Win2Kpro.

An important feature is the ability to import into and export from Excel (spreadsheet).  This enables the data contained within AudioDB to be carried on your handheld PDA such as a "Palm Pilot".   For a brief tutorial on import/export between AudioDB and Excel, see the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

The program files are in zip compressed format and should both be copied into a temporary directory on your hard drive.  From there use your unzipping software (WinZip, IZarc, etc) to decompress the files and then simply click on the install icon to be found within the files of the temp directory.  The software installs itself very well in my experience.  



Printer dll. zip

One little snag...!  A printer dll file should have been included within the installation utility but was not.  That means this dll file needs to be copied manually into the main folder that holds the AudioVideoDB application.  If you don't the program will act funny when you try to print. (application shuts itself down)


c:\program files\audiovideodb\ (in here)

The printer file is is archived in .zip format for ease of web downloading.  Simply unzip this file,  which becomes "pfccom32.dll" when opened, into the same folder where AudioVideoDB has installed itself.   Sorry about this complication.  We're working on a new install file which will eliminate this small extra step.   


Don't forget to read the "read-me" file to get up and running.  Below is a short FAQ I developed while I was exploring the software and asking Boban questions.

Boban asks that if you find this software useful, and would like to, a donation to Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus medical research would make him happy.

It's free and it's good.




Q: Can I import and export this data between a spreadsheet and AudioDB so that I can carry this around on my Palm Pilot...?
A: Yes, Here's how to export your data from AudioDB and import it into Excel.

                AVDBexport.jpg (53053 bytes) In AudioDB click on the Tools menu at the top of the window click on the Export item.  Do that then this window comes up. AVDBexport_1.jpg (38968 bytes)  It is an option to send the file anywhere on or off your computer including a floppy drive, or another location on your hard drive or to another computer on your network, etc.  To keep it simple, I saved the file to my floppy drive A:.

Then I opened up my copy of Microsoft Excel and AVDBimport.jpg (50393 bytes) clicked on "File" (top menu bar) and then "Open" in the drop down menu.  This  dropdown menu allows you to choose which drive to find the file that we're going to open. AVDBimport_1.jpg (48585 bytes)   I had named the file AVDB.xls previously when I exported it from AudioDB and here it is on my A drive.  I click on the file to put it in the "File Name" field, then click "Open" in the upper right corner of this window.  Here's what happens next: AVDBimport_2.jpg (54965 bytes) There the files are, and in the same order that they were entered when added into AudioDB.  However the cell sizes within Excel don't quite fit the data so I have to do some minor cell formatting and then I get this: AVDBimport_3.jpg (138363 bytes)   There, that's more like it.   Now you can work with the data within Excel any way you like.

 Cool, huh...!



Q: How can I customize certain features such as the LP grading  systems (I'd prefer Goldmine's rating system) and various other things...?
A: That is easy:

Double-click on the condition field detail.jpg (79843 bytes) (hint, click on thumbnail to view full image)

and you will get my ratings rating-before.jpg (71588 bytes)

delete all entries line by line and then enter ratings as per Goldmine and you will end up with something like this:rating-after.jpg (72571 bytes)

Save and exit.

Double-click is a key you can change many things with this.


Q: How do I display the entire list?
A: Very easy.  Just press OK on search window (do not enter anything) and the result will be a full list.  From that list you can sort them in any order you like, export to excel, filter results, print and more....

list1.jpg (68837 bytes) Like Boban says, just click on the OK button within the search window without entering anything.  Do that and you get something like this