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click on icon to view full size image.

Good_Azimuth_web.jpg (56381 bytes)

Above illustration shows good azimuth.

Bad_Azimuth_web.jpg (61052 bytes)

Above illustration shows bad azimuth.


all images copyright Steve Clarke

How to adjust Azimuth when a tonearm does not provide a means of adjustment:

Mirror method

DSC_6391_1.jpg (312479 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail image to view it full size.

Above image shows the cartridge with stylus standing on a mirror that has been carefully placed on the platter.  The image reflected in the mirror needs to indicate close alignment to the cartridge above it.  This method is only useful for aligning the easier elements to see, such as the external body features.  Therefore, if the cantilever is not correctly aligned to its body at the factory, or by the re-tipper, this method may not produce the desired result.  Nonetheless, it is a starting point and easy to check.

Back to the means of providing azimuth adjustment when the tonearm / headshell does not provide for it.  Note in the above photo a small thin bar of lead sheet that is placed between the two fastener bolts and between the cartridge mounting surface ( or in this case a headweight) and the headshell surface.  This "bar" allows one to adjust azimuth of the cartridge by simply tightening one bolt more than the other.  Thusly "tilting" the cartridge slightly.

Here's a view after making the adjustment.

DSC_6396_1.jpg (330274 bytes) In this view it can be seen that body features both in the reflected image and the cartridge itself appear to be closely parallel to one another.  That is the object when using the mirror method.

Other methods of azimuth adjustment to be explored in future additions to this page.