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B. Kearns

Latest update: December 2017

BK_301_2017_1.jpg (340550 bytes) BK_301_2017_10.jpg (376536 bytes) BK_301_2017_2.jpg (316292 bytes) BK_301_2017_3.jpg (347961 bytes)

BK_301_2017_4.jpg (341684 bytes) BK_301_2017_5.jpg (339905 bytes) BK_301_2017_6.jpg (344150 bytes) 

BK_301_2017_8.jpg (368969 bytes) BK_301_2017_9.jpg (336358 bytes)

(12-17-2017)  Brian's comments:

".....snip......It is a Schedule 1 turntable with a ~12kg brass platter and custom bearing from the Classic Turntable Company.  The platter and bearing is available directly from Ray Clark.  - I used a mixture of grease and oil in the bearing according to the Ken Shindo philosophy!

 The extra weight of the platter really quiets down the Garrard.  The level of rumble, which is the bain of the Garrard owner (rumble and speed drift), is imperceptible and can no longer be detected above the surface noise level.  It also improves the bass extension and produces a firmer, more clearly defined bass when compared to the standard bearing.  

The platter doesn't seem to rob the turntable of two of it's most familiar characteristics; the pace is as solid as a rock - as usual, plus, the familiar architectural sound of the Garrard is still there.  There is no wizardry or hocus-pocus about the sound produced by the 301, it always sounds substantial and solid, forward and coherent."


The latest addition: A new slate plinth from Slatedeck.


1) BK301_2.jpg (82427 bytes) 2) BK301_321_1.jpg (90323 bytes) 3) BKsys_1.jpg (98287 bytes)


Above, the latest addition: Garrard 301 fully restored and re-painted by Martin Bastin.  Shindo platter and bearing.  SME clamp.  SME series IV tonearm.  Denon DL103R low output MC cartridge with extended profile line contact stylus supplied by the Expert Stylus Co.

 BKdenon.jpg (35132 bytes) close-up detail of the DL103R.DSC_0764_s.jpg (124976 bytes)



5) BK321_1.jpg (82299 bytes) 6) BK301_1.jpg (69720 bytes)


The pictures (1,2,5,6) are of two turntables: a Thorens TD321 with SME series III
tonearm, and Shure V15III cartridge; a Garrard 301 in a Martin Bastin
Plinth with a SME 3009 series II tonearm and a Denon DL103R cartridge. The
Martin Bastin plinth comes with the optional dustcover.

The series III arm has the CA1b arm wand, and the series II tonearm was the
last of these to be re-furbished by SME.

The Thorens is connected up to a Lehmann Black Cube phono stage.  The
Garrard is connected to the phono stage of the Technics SUC3000 via a Denon
AU103T step-up transformer.

..............the Garrard has a Thorens Q-up fitted for auto-lift at the
end of a record...........

I have also shown the turntables in their natural environment (my
living room!) with a pair of Technics SEA3000 power amplifiers and a pair of
Tannoy Turnberry HE speakers.

There is a second system.  Pictures show a Quad 66 / FM6 / 306, which is
connected up to the Rogers LS3/5A speakers, up on top of the
Tannoy's. I find that there is something correct about the sound of the
Rogers speakers and listening to BBC radio 3!

There is also a Yamaha CDR HD1300 below the Thorens TD321, which is a 120GB
HD recorder / CD burner, and I occasionally use this to make transcripts of
LPs to CD.

Best regards,

Brian Kearns