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Bob TIBBITTS' Thorens TD160 BC mkII


Above: TD160BC mkII equipped with Mission 774 LC tonearm and a AudioTechnica AT30E MC cartridge.

Bob's comments re: TD160 BC mkII:

" Hi, I have had this from new since the late 70's. 'Tried several tonearms, including SME and Gale (?).  'Settled for the Mission.  Audio Technica AT30E moving coil which is stepped up with a NAD phono pre-amp.  Taken the bottom off and is placed on Audio Technica isolation feet.  I have never tuned it but have placed some blu-tac on the plate inside!  Replaced the belt, and to me it sounds good. Original (dust) cover too.  It has a plastic inner platter.  I think that is odd and a catch so that it won't pull off completely.  I use a felt turntable mat."

kind regards,



BT_sys_4.jpg (354809 bytes) BT_TD160mkII_1.jpg (348993 bytes) BT_TD160mkII_3.jpg (284834 bytes)  

BT_TD160mkII_12.jpg (264641 bytes) BT_AT footers_1.jpg (217196 bytes) BT_AT footers_2.jpg (382809 bytes) 

Bob's comments re: the AT 605 isolation feet beneath the TD160 BC mkII

"The bottom of the AT feet has a circular area that is covered with little rubber sucker dimples and that is contains a decoupling ‘rubber’ device that when rotated, either way, lowers or raises the top element that sits under the deck. This is covered with some form of felt. Occasionally the feet need to be jiggled about a bit to re-shape them (over a long period they tend to give a little). "

BT_TD160mkII_10.jpg (242081 bytes) BT_TD160mkII_9.jpg (355916 bytes)  BT_TD160mkII_4.jpg (254180 bytes)

BT_Bib clamp_1.jpg (322170 bytes) Bob's comments re: The record clamp....".... was made by ‘Bib’ and I think it is perhaps better to clamp an unruly LP down than place extra weight on the platter, this might stress the main bearing!"

BT_AT30E_1.jpg (307095 bytes) MC phono cartridge.  AudioTechnica AT 30E.

BT_TD160mkII_11.jpg (342232 bytes) BT_TD160mkII_5.jpg (294039 bytes)

BT_TD160mkII_7.jpg (327082 bytes) 

BT_NAD_integrated amp.jpg (193846 bytes) Above the NAD integrated amplifier stands the NAD PP2 phono preamp.  This unit steps up the signal voltage coming out of the AT30E MC cartridge.

BT_Pioneer RCVR.jpg (222011 bytes) A vintage receiver.  Pioneer

BT_sys_1.jpg (238348 bytes)

BT_sys_2.jpg (396272 bytes) The Laserdisc player is a Pioneer 1750 and it also plays cds quite well.

 BT_sys_5.jpg (185990 bytes)

BT_sys_3.jpg (198833 bytes) There is a cavity in the speaker cabinets that can be filled with silver sand, through an opening (other than the bass port). I opted to placing a beach towel in each speaker. I have re-introduced the spikes on the bottom and am about to place the speakers onto granite table placemats as the floor is wooden on top of the floor boards. The Laserdisc player is a Pioneer 1750 and it also plays cds quite well. I have also opted to record my vinyl onto minidisc for some bizarre reason . . . this is fun and the sound quality is very pleasing. Cassette, too, is being revisited by me but it’s hard to find blanks. There are minidiscs available but on the web they can be a little over-priced."


...regarding the Mission tonearm….


The 774LC is Mission's entry level arm, designed and built by Jelco in Japan.
Features of the arm include height adjustment, calibrated tracking force and anti-skate, and a hydraulic arm lifter.
Type: gimbal bearing
Headshell: non detachable
Effective mass: 7g
Effective length: 228mm
Overhang: 18mm
Offset angle: 23.75 degrees
Mounting distance: 210mm
Mounting pattern: linn, 31.5mm
Cartridge weight: 2-10g
Bearing friction: <20mg (vertical and horizontal)
Adjustments provided: height, overhang, offset


"The 774LC is a well constructed tonearm that meets a real market need, providing the right product at the right price level. It gave a good all round performance, while to a large degree, its acceptance and use on a number of decks confirms our judgement here - £69 HiFi Choice 1984"