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J.S. Bach

Various recordings:

Munchinger and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra

The Bach Suits

CSA 2206 London FFRR, 2 disk box set

DSC_0961.jpg (408310 bytes)

DSC_0962.jpg (316866 bytes) With an autograph inside the box

DSC_0963.jpg (274891 bytes)

DSC_0965.jpg (418941 bytes) Looking at record label side 1.

matrix codes:

  1. side 1: ZAL 5316 1E      2D
  2. side 2: ZAL 5317 2L       JT
  3. side 3: ZAL 5318 1E       DU
  4. side 4: ZAL 5319 1E       JT

Munchinger and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra

Bach Brandenburg Concertos (complete)

CSA 2301

DSC_1192.jpg (381504 bytes) DSC_1193.jpg (307286 bytes) DSC_1195.jpg (329417 bytes)

Fwiw, my favorite Brandenberg Concertos recordings.