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Thorens TD124

BB124_1.JPG (77741 bytes) BB124_2.JPG (79012 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view full sized image

Beatlebum's comments:  ".....It's a TD 124 Mk. 1 with an SME 3009 and Grado Ref Sonata.  I picked up the 124 a couple of months ago, had a new plinth made, cleaned and oiled all parts requiring such service, installed new idler wheel, platter mat, belt and acrylic armboard.  I've removed the mushrooms for now as I prefer the sound without them.  I am addicted to the dynamic attack and defined bass that the 124 possesses."

BB0078.jpg (129796 bytes)        BB0112.jpg (124838 bytes)

Above: TD125 seen with two different SME 3009 tonearms.

BB0128.jpg (160354 bytes)

Above: A TD160 with TP16 tonearm situated in a custom plinth.