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Beethoven, Ludwig Van


Beethoven symphony No. 6 OP.68

Wilhelm Furtwaengler

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

DSC_4820.JPG (120921 bytes) DSC_4822.JPG (303464 bytes) DSC_4823.JPG (151429 bytes)

a French EMI pressing

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 op 125

Overtures Leonore III, König Stephan

Klemperer, Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus

DSC_2018.jpg (394358 bytes)

DSC_2021.jpg (294712 bytes) DSC_2022.jpg (320418 bytes) DSC_2024.jpg (322468 bytes) DSC_2026.jpg (351863 bytes)

DSC_2027.jpg (183321 bytes)

another French EMI pressing.  This one from the early 1980's.


Beethoven symphony No. 7

DSC_1247.jpg (402316 bytes) DG 2531107, Karajan/Berlin Philharmoniker (1977)

DSC_1248.jpg (183055 bytes) DSC_1249.jpg (265029 bytes) The sp10 mkII playing DG 2531107


String Quartets:

String Quartet No. 14 In C Sharp Minor, Op 131

Quartetto Italliano

Phillips SAL 3790

DSC_5462.jpg (158633 bytes) DSC_5463.jpg (202917 bytes) DSC_5464.jpg (119227 bytes)


String Quartets Op. 74 'Harp' Op.95 'Serioso'

Quartetto Italiano

Phillips SAL 6500 180

DSC_5465.jpg (206820 bytes) DSC_5466.jpg (365492 bytes) DSC_5467.jpg (157929 bytes)


String Quartet Op.18 Nr. 5 & 6

Quartetto Italiano

Phillips 412 156-1

DSC_5468.jpg (238714 bytes) DSC_5469.jpg (250207 bytes)

DSC_5472.jpg (154479 bytes)Side 1: Nr5

DSC_5473.jpg (158951 bytes) Side 2 label misprint. Record has the Side 1 label applied to both sides.  However the second side of the Lp does play Nr.6


String Quartets No. 1 and 2,

performers: The Beethoven Quartet

Record label: ?

catalog number: CM 02507-8

Record made in The USSR

DSC_6418.jpg (461046 bytes) DSC_6420.jpg (375960 bytes)

DSC_6423.jpg (442829 bytes)