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A reader in Italy sends in some photos illustrating his successful attempt at repairing a TD160 motor.  Here are his comments:

"I send this mail to you with some pictures of an open motor from Thorens Td160.  It was damaged and turned in any direction independently of the capacitor.  So I opened it and noticed a winding with a "non-connected wire".  I soldered it and repaired the motor.  Now it works.  Maybe it will help someone.  Best regards. Bogdan Siwanowicz.  Udine, Italy"

1) TD160mo_1.jpg (135442 bytes)

2) TD160mo_2.jpg (130370 bytes)

3) TD160mo_3.jpg (125789 bytes)

4) TD160mo_4.jpg (104547 bytes)

5) TD160mo_5.jpg (96447 bytes)

6) TD160mo_6.jpg (108585 bytes)