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Johannes Brahms

Columbia D4S 615 - Brahms, 4 symphonies (plus Variations On A Theme by Hayden.) in a 4 disk box set, Bruno Walter conducts the Columbia Symphony 

DSC_0936.jpg (351002 bytes) DSC_0937.jpg (252235 bytes)

DSC_1092.jpg (161713 bytes) DSC_1093.jpg (195525 bytes) 

This box set was produced after Walter's death in 1962.  It comes with the four previously recorded Brahms symphonies that Bruno Walter made with the Columbia Symphony.  Included is a nice booklet featuring a bio of Walter, with photos and also a discussion of Walter's work on the individual Brahms symphonies.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Herbert von Karajan conducting the 4 Brahms symphonies

A four disk box set.  DGG - cat. number SKL 133/134 in Stereo

DSC_6189.jpg (129858 bytes) DSC_6190.jpg (214818 bytes)


Mercury MG50268 Brahms Symphony No. 1

MG50268_1.jpg (565731 bytes) MG50268_2.jpg (444799 bytes) MG50268_3.jpg (509761 bytes) MG50268_4.jpg (427196 bytes) MG50268_5.jpg (174136 bytes)

Matrix: RFR-1 both sides

RCA LSC-2209 Brahms Symphony No. 3

Fritz Reiner / Chicago Symphony Orchestra

LSC2209_1.jpg (446218 bytes) LSC2209_2.jpg (425908 bytes) LSC2209_3.jpg (238387 bytes)

Matrix: J2 RY 2003-10S , J2 RY 2004-12S

Command Classics CC33-11015 Brahms Symphony No. 3

Steinberg / Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

DSC_4638.JPG (179547 bytes)

Columbia Records MS 6113  Brahams Symphony No. 4

Bruno Walter / Columbia Symphony Orchestra

MS6113_1.jpg (393179 bytes) MS6113_2.jpg (286223 bytes) MS6113_3.jpg (249871 bytes)