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Title : A Monophile's Delight


My 401 is set in 40mm solid maple resting on 3" hardwood cones. Table is solid birch from Ikea. At the back an ex-broadcast studio Gray Research 108 oil-damped tonearm equipped with a GE VRII "Triple-Play" cartridge.

To the side a Series 1 SME 3012 with Goldring 600 variable reluctance cartridge in an Orsonic AV-1S headshell occupying the position usually taken by the Ortofon SPU Mono. The Ortofon is beautiful and gracious but the variable reluctance carts are....feisty!


old configuration:

Garrard 401 in a solid maple plinth supported by 3 long hardwood cones on solid birch Ikea table.  Carpeted concrete floor, no spikes.
Denon DL-103-R / Orsonic AV-1b / SME 3012 Series 2 with heavy brass counterweight.
Denon DL-102 / Orsonic AV-1s / SME 3012 Series 1 and bronze spacer.
The Garrard 401 is fed a filtered mains current via a variable transformer