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Brubeck and Time

Brubeck Time: CL622, 1955

Time Out: CL1397, 1959 / CS8192, 1960

Timeout_1.JPG (243574 bytes) Timeout_2.JPG (172953 bytes)  This copy is an original mono with the 6-eye black over red label. Vinyl is VG to VG+. minor scuffing, one shallow scratch that doesn't add noise, but there is soft popcorn noise throughout.  Still, it is an original mono with very good sonic qualities in spite of the noise and there is no groove wear.  Matrix code: XLP47853-1BF / XLP47854-1CF. 

the ebay seller described the vinyl as vg++/near mint.  I won't buy from that seller again.

cover art by Neil Fujita

Time Further Out, Miro Reflections: CL1690 / CS8490 , 1961

Countdown --Time In Outer Space: CL1775 / CS8575, 1962

Time Changes: CL2127 / CS8227, 1963

Timechanges_2.JPG (330975 bytes) Timechanges_1.JPG (170083 bytes) This one is a Radio station promo in excellent condition.  Original pressing. The label is 2-eye Columbia with black over white background indicating its promotional purpose.  An ordinary pressing would be black over red background and a 2-eye. 

Matrix numbers: XLP-75904-1E and XLP-75905-1E

mastering/pressing qualities are excellent.

cover art by Sam Francis

Time In: CS9312, 1965

last of the time series.  And my favorite..