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Bruno's Thorens Reference sn# 009

battle8.jpg (142496 bytes) battle1.jpg (82632 bytes) battle2.jpg (80471 bytes) battle3.jpg (65270 bytes) 

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BG_FErack.jpg (191292 bytes) Finite elemente Emperor rack 

Bruno's comments:

"Hi, i like the analog ...   I use many many turntable including : thorens referenz, thorens prestige, all thorens 15x, 16x, 32x, technics SP-10 mkII, sony psx-9, raven AC 3 motors, luxmann pd-555, linn lp-12, micro-seiki rx-1500 VG, acoustic signature mambo, clement mono, clement A1-B, lenco L-75, garrard 401 and 301, epure, emt 930, 938,... for the common. The best ever heard at this time still the referenz. My hooby is to compare arm, cartridge too ...  "

A link to a discussion of Bruno's system and a competition between turntables, tonearms and cartridges



more links from Bruno:

Restoration of an Technics SP-10 MKII (new power supply, replace the dead light by led), paint  :
Building an Electro Voice Patrician 800 (with pat 700 components ):
Build a very nice MC prepre, battery powered based on the famous Hiraga prepre in L'audiophile magazine  (you must be linked to see my message : hollow):