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Checking out Bushman's craftwork on his different Thorens tables.  Custom plinth's are a specialty.

The 'very custom'  TD166 "Ambiance" wearing it's new plinth and standing on a custom crafted wall rack. 

For more of Bushman's plinth and wall rack details check this link.

To see the extensive modification details on the "ambiance" check this link.

Above, current audio system configuration.  Thorens forever.



Bushman's Thorens TD125 MK I fitted with an "Infinity Black Widow, GF" tonearm and Shure V15 cartridge.

The  plinth is crafted by Bushman using export quality Pine, a soft wood in combination with Kiaat, a hard wood.

update: Bushman recently traded this beautiful TD125 for an even more interesting TD124 in very nice shape.  We will be looking forward to seeing that table on this page and with a custom plinth, naturally...!

Recent addition: a Thorens TD290

Bushman's notes on the TD290:

- It seems to have a very sophisticated electronic motor control system built in, the motor being a low voltage 24 pole motor.

- Built into the motor control board is a automatic stop function with a sensor built onto the arm.

- I would not be surprised if the same motor and its control board was not used on some of the more sophisticated models (TD32X).


- The TD290 is a non-suspended design but does have the typical Thorens signature to its sound.

- The platter bearing is good, a better (TD166) type bearing would have hugely benefited the TD290.

- The basic design is good, good quality and typical Thorens.

- The arm is also very interesting, something very new in terms of Thorens arms, that last bit of quality was, however, not intended for the TP40 and thus the tables it was fitted to.


Above photo note: the wire and roller holding  the anti-skate weight is another of Bushman's tweaks.  The roller is taken from an audio cassette allowing a smoother motion for the weight and string.

- As a beginner turntable, fitted with a Ortofon OM10 the TD290 will surprise many digital fans.