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Bushman's Plinths

BottPlate_2.jpg (50252 bytes) BottPlate_1.jpg (46237 bytes) (Mouse click on small image to view full size image.)

Need a better plinth for your Thorens....?

For a view of Bushman's system configuration check this link.


Rack_3.jpg (51543 bytes) Rack_2.jpg (47014 bytes) 

 Note the bottom cutout.  This enables suspension adjustment of the Thorens and other suspended tables while standing  upright and leveled.


Bushman's notes on the wall mount:

"The rack is constructed from a locally indigenous wood, Kiaat. I used techniques like biscuit joining and traditional wood joining techniques to form a strong and rigid frame. The frame fits onto the wall with three bolts. From the bottom view one can see the 45 degree inserts into the four corners. Reason for these is to strengthen the corners and secondly to add support for the top plate. The top plate is cut from super wood, a high density type press wood. Between the top plate and the corner supports is a rubber foot in each corner. The rubber I considered to be a good isolator. The rubber feet are the only contact points to the frame.  Does it work ? Most definitely, one can hear a distinct difference when the turntable is moved from the top of the hi-fi stand to the rack. It is like a picture, the moment you move it to the rack the focus is 100%. The rack also benefits bass focus and definition."