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Rack_3.jpg (51543 bytes) Custom crafted racks and plinths by Bushman

Complete side view.jpg (27426 bytes) DIY turntables built by Bushman


Bushman' notes:

".....This is the most difficult part to describe as I use many variables and obviously my taste is unique and will not apply to many others. You will notice two turntables in my system, reason is to give me opportunity to reference tweaks or ideas, and secondly I believe one can "tune" a turntable to be more appropriate for specific music when needed."

Equipment List:

Integrated Amplifier: Marantz PM17 MKII - Very neutral with a wonderfully detailed and sweet treble.

Turntables: Thorens TD 165 with custom plinth, Alphason HR100 tonearm and Ortofon MC25FL

Thorens TD 166 fully damped, custom plinth, structurally modified RB250 tonearm with Incognito wire upgrade.

Phono Stage: Black Cube - I also use the PM17 phono pre-amp.

Speakers: B&W CDM 7 - These are the original CDM's still with first order cross-over, it is seldom that one can refer to speakers as being capable of singing.

CDP: Marantz CD63 KI Signature - The closest I have found to vinyl, this is only true when connected to the PM17.

I do use a power filter, self made power cables, self made interconnects and a dedicated supply line. Occasionally I use a Audiolab 8000S and also a pair of Magnet, Vector Needle II speakers (small monitors) to test and experiment.