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updates: 5/9/04

The Teres battery power option has been incorporated into a new motor pod. See next three photos.

cmteres_bat3.jpg (63641 bytes)

cmteres_bat7.jpg (51292 bytes)


Chuck Miller's System

Last Update: May 10, 2004 

Integrated Amplifier:  Aronov LS-96OI with upgraded caps

Speakers: Talon Khorus with upgraded X-series crossovers.  Speaker footers  

have been changed to 4 cones screwed into the speaker, resting on 4 pits.

Sub-Woofer: Talon ROC (pair of "stacked" 12 inch woofers)


Turntable: "Miller Carbon", A Teres lead shot loaded acrylic platter, Teres precision bearing, Teres motor pod with electronic controller. Carbon fiber base and armboard is diy manufactured by Chuck Miller. Note also BDR pyramid cones and carbon fiber pucks and BDR "The Shelf" isolation platform in use under the turntable base.  See turntable stand for further siting details. update 5/9/04: the Miller Carbon now takes it's DC power from a 12 volt battery incorporating the Teres 'smart charger' circuit. 

Tonearm:Graham 2.2 with ceramic arm-wand

Phono Cartridge:Benz Micro Ruby II H

Phono Preamp:Audio Research PH-3 SE

Speaker Cables/Interconnects:Synergistic Research throughout.  Also using Synergistic Research "Active Shielding"

Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.):

The turntable stand is DIY.  The concrete filled ABS legs are cast with 1/2 inch steel bolts and anchors. The massive shelves are concrete cast with steel mesh reinforcement.  The top shelf features a 'well' filled with sand and mineral oil to damp the pair of 3 inch thick granite plates on top supporting the turntable.  The bottom shelf, holding the Audio Research PH-3 SE phono-preamp, also features a 'well' but currently holds BDR cones and pucks supporting a BDR carbon fiber "The Shelf" to isolate the phono preamp.

The system is on it's own circuit with 4ga. wire and dedicated ground. Bybee power line conditioner.  Power cords are 2 Electraglide Fat Boys, Shunyata Power Snakes and Synergistic Research.


Every component in the system, including speakers and the Bybee conditioner, rests on BDR Cones, Pucks and Shelf. 

Room Size (LxWxH):24' x 17' x 9'


Room Comments/Treatments: Walls and ceiling are 5/8 inch sheetrock over 1/2 inch sound board.  Windows have 1/2 inch MDF shutters. As seen in photos, acoustic fiberglass damping panels are used throughout the listening room.  Door into room is solid core with weather stripping.


Music Used (Genre/Selections):


System Goals/Comments: This is a dual use system, used about half the time for movies but heavily balanced for musical satisfaction.  


System Strengths: It's true strength is in the ability to bring the listener into the performance, and in a way that with the right material is really quite emotionally compelling.   


System Weaknesses: The main weakness seems to be that when you open your eyes you find the performers aren't there after all.


photos by Steve Clarke