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Cenk Ozdil's Garrard 401

IMG_5578.jpg (170128 bytes) IMG_5556.jpg (217520 bytes) IMG_5582.jpg (180922 bytes) IMG_5599.jpg (188031 bytes)

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Cenk's comments:

"My name is Cenk Ozdil from Istanbul/Turky, I bought Garrard 401-SME 3009 S2 Imp. Approx. 2 years ago from someone. Actually the Turntable and the Arm in a good condition but as cosmetically, there are some scratches on Turntableís main board, front panel and even the KNOBS, either ARM were so dirty and with some rusty areas on it !!! I even donít want to talk about the plinth that it is ugly and in very bad condition. So I decided to make new board color ,new front panel and new DIY Plinth !!! "