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Here is a little wind-up gem spotted at auction on Ebay NL by munkieNL.


Sales text: "Here is a compact Thorens Camera phonograph from the 1920's. It still operates and easily plays a complete 10-inch 78 RPM record. It is all original and in good shape. The only distractions are some paint chips and minor rust as can be seen in the pictures. Measures 2 inches high, 11 inches wide and 5 inches deep. Shipping will be approximately 6 lbs."

Here is some information from the Thorens published document "Thorens; The Fascination of a Living Legend".

"1906 - 1955 -- Thorens have produced these gramophones for more than half a century.  The last models being the compact, portable type (pict 11).  Most of them have been exported to Africa and Asia.  Approximately over 3 million units of this gramophone have been manufactured and sold."


The link to the auction ad is no longer current but I did manage to copy the sound file from the ad to this server so that we may listen to this scratchy sounding player. Just click on this link to play the file.  link to .wav file here