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System Details:

Thorens TD126 Mk.III, completely stock and flawless, with original arm and all auto functions intact. I use an Ortofon Super OM 40 cartridge for LP listening and a Stanton 681 with a 78 stylus for the old jazz, on a separate TP 63 arm wand. I was shocked at how 'black' the background was with this turntable compared with the TD160 Mk.II.

California Audio Labs CL10, 5 CD changer with HDCD decoding and a remote. I still haven't heard another changer that makes me want to upgrade.

Kenwood KX-1030 3 head cassette deck. Great deck in its time, but rarely gets used anymore.

Yamaha CT-800 tuner. Better than the stations around Vancouver, BC deserve.

Carver H9-AV Sonic Holography processor. Used mainly for movies, but sometimes I'll use it for the odd live album. Throws a great sound stage with Deep Purple, 'Machine Head'. A much maligned device that does an amazing job if everything is set up carefully.

McIntosh C712 preamp. A true gem. Very quiet, neutral, great phono section and a remote! It even has balanced outputs if that's your style.

McIntosh MC7270 power amp. I've peaked at 190 watts per channel. My ears couldn't take any louder. At that level I probably still had 5dB left. McIntosh claims that it will put out 270w/ch forever. It will probably do twice that if you run a cooling fan. I had a Bryston 3B-ST previously. The MC7270 has a deeper sound stage and much smoother top end. It'll probably get buried with me.

Joseph Audio RM25si loudspeakers. Astounding sound, amazing detail and clean, tight, deep bass. These speakers do not tire me out in long listening sessions.

I use 89259 cable with Bullet plugs between CD and pre, pre and power. Audioquest Copperhead runs between TT and pre. Kimber 8PR, internally biwired, runs to the speakers.

 I plug everything but the amp into a Tripplite Isobar 8 Ultra surge suppressor

The speaker fillable cavities are each filled with about 24 lbs of sand for ballast and resonance deadening.

The stereo stand has an MDF core with 1/8" oak laminate on inside and outside surfaces. All shelves are oak plywood.