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Above pic.  TD150 before the Cardas rewire and addition of the Denon DL-103R cart.  

Cham's comments:

".......The plinth is made of 18mm MDF, butt joint.  Tonearm is RB250 with brass end stub and asymmetrical counterweight,  rewired with Cardas tonearm cable.  Cartridge is Denon DL-103R. "......best sounding cartridge I've ever heard so far, so damn musical and never fails to bring out the emotion in the music"

At the moment I am using the turntable without a bottom plate, I like it best this way.  Rubber feet are mounted directly onto the plinth.  At the back of the plinth I fix an IEC receptacle for the power cord.  I have decided not to put the aluminum sheet back on the top plate, as I don't want to have another piece of material vibrating on it.

I disable the cueing mechanism but keep the knob on.  Ideally it should be removed but it's there for sentimental reason and at the same makes the turntable look more "symmetrical".  Speed change lever left untouched.

Top plate, sub-chassis, sub-platter and outer platter are damped with 1.5mm thick bitumen sheet.  Foam inserts have been removed and Ny-lock nuts replace the original ones as per Tim's advice.

I used a cork matt under the record now after trying rubber, anti-static fabric, felt and spot matt.

The sound?  Wish that y-all could hear it..

Regards, Cham..."

note: on the Audio Asylum list, Cham goes by the handle "moo"


Above and below photos: a TD160B.

"The TD160B is a gift from a friend.  After I helped to transfer the SME 3009 that came with it to his own turntable.  The same mods have been done to this turntable.  Bitumen damping on chassis, sub-platter and platter.  The armboard is MDF, a 'step' was machined out according to the opening profile in the underside in order to get a flush surface with the subchassis.  I had to use a router to do this, freehand!!    Times like this I wish I owned a CNC milling machine.  The bottom is left opened. "

Well, you don't need me to tell about the sound.  There's so much more can be done to these turntables, but with these 'standard mods' their performance is improved without any changes in design apart from the tonearm, so I guess this is where I'll stop tweaking and start listening.  I'm very happy with what I hear.  I have two more TD150, two more TD160 and I'm sure they won't disappoint.  All I need now is more tonearms, and no more Regas, please.  As a matter of fact a SME will do nicely.  My tonearm wish list is SME 3009, Blue Note U3 and even a Naim ARO, yes, why the hell not?  I think these turntables deserve them all!