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Chris Bingham's TD124 MKII

cbTD124_3.jpg (94292 bytes) cbTD124_1.jpg (103881 bytes)

cbTD124_4a.jpg (61547 bytes)

Chris Bingham's TD124MKII

Thorens TD124MKII/ SME3009 SII improved metal bearing/ Shure V15 type III/ Shure VN35MR/ Ortofon-Schopper plinth

Secured from the Northern Ireland elite (hello Wesley and Neville!), this 124 has successfully been brought back to life using the knowledge gleaned from countless articles (very enjoyable) and through getting my fingers burned on a few occasions (not so enjoyable). The most valuable help came from Joel Boutreux, an ex Thorens employee. His repair kit and clear advice are recommended to anyone embarking on a restoration project. All bearings and shafts have been polished and correctly lubricated. The unit has not been modified out of respect for the original design.

Contact info for Joel Boutreux: [email protected]