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WoodSong Audio, by Chris Harban

ch_301p_2.jpg (117755 bytes) ch_301p_3.jpg (120257 bytes)

Here are some photos of a plinth for a Garrard 301 I am working on right now. It is made from Layered Baltic Birch plywood, bonded with marine epoxy, pressed in a vacuum bag. It is veneered in Spalted Curly Maple from a long submerged log, salvaged from the Columbia River in Washington State. This plinth features two arm locations, one 12" and one 9", an IEC port on the back, and three threaded inserts for feet. Armboard material is undecided as of yet, but I am leaning towards stainless steel or bronze.

I build plinths as a full time passion. My business is Woodsong Audio. I build plinths for just about any turntable, but specialize in plinths for the Garrard 301/401, Thorens TD124, and Linn LP12, as well as custom work to client specs.

I can be contacted at [email protected]