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Colin's collection of  the Thorens TD321.   (he's got 4...!)

TD-321/ SME M-2/ Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO

The Quad kit is driving Cambridge R40 transmission lines fitted with type 53 crossovers.

CR321_4a.jpg (114572 bytes) CR321_4c.jpg (83875 bytes)


Right: TD321 mk1 in Rosewood trim  with SME 3009 S3/Shure V15III

Left: TD321 mk1  with SME 3009 type 2 improved tonearm, also in Rosewood trim.


CR321mk2_2.jpg (44740 bytes)  CR321mk2_1.jpg (43635 bytes)

Above:TD321 front and back.  This time a Mk 2 in black with an SME 3009 S3/Shure V15III

Check out Colin's website at: http://www.hifiloudspeakers.info/

The subject is KEF speakers.

Also, thanks goes to Colin for contributing SME tonearm info sheets in the manuals section here at The Analog Dept.