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The Asymmetric Hood by Ferruccio

The XL Hood by Ferruccio 

3D Print: A Klein Bottle exercise


The Hood Part 2; an acrylic dustcover for the TD124

Report Summary: Thorens TD124 sn# 13943 restoration project

Thorens TD124 mkII sn#59805 restoration project report

Product Review: Riverstone Audio - Record Level - VTF Gauge  

Product Review: Riverstone Audio Jazz 380 Record Weight

Project sn 59805: a Thorens TD124 mkII re-furbish project Photo documentary

Looking at a broken Denon DL-103R...a photo appraisal


On the Radar:

The Tribute Turntable  I think I'd like one of these.

Review: Woodsong Audio TD-124 Platter Mat Adapter

s-l1600.jpg (244380 bytes)

News article: Cadence Group acquires SME, then SME acquires Garrard.

No. 6435: Garrard Model 301 Transcription Motor  by James Donahue

Picture essay: A Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorder disassembled.  photos by webmaster

Review: The Hood: An acrylic Dustcover for the Thorens TD124  by Steve Clarke 1/03/2018

Review Technics EPC 205C mk2 moving magnet phono cartridge by Steve Clarke 7/14/2017

The Lokum G-88 and Siggwan 12" with Signet 7LCa by Stefano Bertoncello  2/19/2017

Notes on Record Collecting A repository of notes, comments and anecdotes while searching for just the right record.


Gold Plated Phosphor Bronze Cartridge Clips from AudioSilente (preview)


Aluminum O-Ring Idler wheel from AudioSilente

3D printing and Audio

A reading list for the audio hobby (always growing)

Headweights, what are they good for?

An aluminum clutch pulley for the TD145 - TD160 and siblings. Or would you rather stick with your stock injection molded plastic clutch pulley.

Garrardzilla Rises (The Ultimate Garrard 301?)  

Looking at the Zeta tonearm - Counterweight - in detail   

Sonus Blue Induced Magnet cartridge (review)

Retro:  Looking back at the Infinity Black Widow tonearm...when it is partnered with its classic match-up; an ADC-XLM mkII Improved.

Boston Audio Design Mat 2 (review by Steve Clarke)

measuring turntable performance ( a learning process)

The Minus-K isolation platform (review by Steve Clarke)

Beyer Dynamic MC step up transformers and the Shelter

Shelter refurbished  (review by Steve Clarke)

The Hagerman Trumpet MM phono stage  (review by Steve Clarke)

Notes on the TD124 By Steve Clarke

Listening over at Mike's Place By Steve Clarke

Shipping a record player By Steve Clarke

Review: Verus Motor Upgrade for the Teres By Steve Clarke

A Papst in a Thorens? By Steve Clarke

Notes on 1/4-Inch Open Reel Audio Tape By Steve Clarke

Revox A77 notes

One Beat Up Otari By Steve Clarke

Restoring An Audio Classic: The SME 3009 Series II Tonearm  By Brian Kearns


VSAC 2008 by Steve Clarke

Simon's Garrard 301 Story By The Open Mind

An holistic approach to home audio By Stefano Bertoncello

MC Step Up Transformers, Part 1  By Steve Clarke

MC Step UP / Beyer Dynamic By Steve Clarke

DSC_2690.jpg (67008 bytes) Tuning Arms and Carts By Steve Clarke

A Thorens TD124 restoration project By Steve Clarke

Review: Boston Audio Design Mat 1, By Jonathan Noble ---

Diy'ing A Time Machine, By J. Noble

The Beatles on Parlophone; notes on collecting original pressings By Steve Clarke

Turntable Suspension Tuning   Tim Bailey shows us how to tune a suspended turntable the right way.

More Suspension Tuning with plenty of graphics  ...and movies too. An addition to Tim's tutorial. This page describes it with more pictures.

Tonearm Cartridge Alignment FAQ  , By Steve Clarke  a largely graphical assessment on tonearm alignment

Tweaking a TD160 By Steve Clarke  notes on getting more from a TD160


Teres_11_11_02.jpg (46805 bytes)Turntables

WPP100C_12_5_02b.jpg (64053 bytes)Phono Stage

cardas_shelter.jpg (35729 bytes) Phono Cartridges

Neuance_Teres_1.jpg (63571 bytes) Turntable platforms and isolation shelves

mat_angle.jpg (20798 bytes)Turntable Platter Mats