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A Thorens Td150mk2 in an extended *Tandberg plinth.  Tonearm is SME 3009 s2.  Cartridge is Ortofon MC30 Supreme.  The standard plastic armboard has been replaced with laminated wood.  Masonite bottom cover is removed and the heavy rubber feet come from a Technics turntable found in the trash.

System details:

Speakers: Magneplanar Tympani

Amplifiers: Kenwood L07 series 150w monoblocks plus pre-amp

Phono stage: Mark Levinson JC-1DC moving coil pre-amp

Curt goes by the handle: 'bostrowskij' online


A Thorens TD166 mk 1 with standard TP11 tonearm. Cart, Ortofon OM10.  This is one of those TD166's that has a 10mm platter bearing.  Most were 7mm.  Missing 45 adapter.