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Don's Garrard 301 Schedule 2 _ and Thorens TD124-II

date: 2/23/2018

Just added is the Thorens TD124 mkII seen in the above photo, parked in a custom base.  It's tonearm is the SME 3009 S2, 

Dvann_td124_II_cf mat_edits.jpg (321330 bytes) The Td124-II now has a new carbon fiber mat 

DVTD124_10edits.jpg (293802 bytes) DVTD124_11edits.jpg (302655 bytes) DVTD124_12edits.jpg (358394 bytes) DVTD124_13edits.jpg (514867 bytes)


Notes on the Thorens:

TD124 mkII.  

Custom Walnut & Cedar Plinth 

Cedar Armboard.  Both finished in Nitrocellulose lacquer. 

Tonearm: SME 3009 S2 with Cardas Re-wire.  Has both OEM counterweight set and a custom Marine Grade Bronze counterweight set.

Headshell: Yamamoto Soundcraft HS-1a in African Blackwood (ebony)

Cartridge: SAE 1000e HO MC

"I am using the original TD-124 iron platter as I feel sonics are improved."



Date: 2/5/2018


Dvann_301_3.jpg (378414 bytes)  Dvann_301_4.jpg (435473 bytes) 


Above: Garrard 301 Schedule 2 with rebuild by Woodsong Audio (Chris Harban), Plinth is by Acoustand, Platter mat is by Pure Sound. Tonearms are currently a SME 3012 and the SME M2-9R with ceramic bearings and a Cardas re-wire.  On the M2 is a Denon Zu Audio DL-103 Grade 1.  On the 3012 is a Shelter 501-II


Just previously....

date: 01/24/2018