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Thorens TD-111 w/ Grace 707 Tonearm

Base was battered mahogany plywood, I filled in with wood-filler and sanded. Paint job is 2 primer, 4-5 primary, and 3 clear coats. 

TD-111 is completely original, except for one washer/nut underneath. I also added some damping and the brass cones for adjustable feet. 

Grace 707 is stock, except I decided not to go with the attached tonearm rest. More stable and better looking with the stainless post.

Speed is 33rpm only. Take a good ten minutes to stabilize at that speed, but once she's there, she's steady. At present there is a Shure m97xe mounted, but it definitely deserves more cartridge. 



DA_TD111_2.jpg (44436 bytes) DA_TD111_3.jpg (58979 bytes) DA_TD111_4.jpg (63323 bytes) DA_TD111_5.jpg (54506 bytes) DA_TD111_1.jpg (60776 bytes)

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