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Dave Walkup's Thorens TD124 MKII

Turntable details:
Tonearm: Alphason HR100S
Cartridge in photo: AT33ptg, recently changed for a TP4 original Technics EPS-310mc(with suitable plastic bracket to convert it to a standard fixing)
Armboard: Iroko
Plinth: Slate (green slate from Westmoreland in the Lake District). Custom made by a local stonemason over 20 years ago.
Plattermat: Plattermatter or possibly a "Dumpa Mat". not sure which.
DWsys_1JPG.JPG (152584 bytes) system pic

system details:

Tube Technology Prophet preamp & power supply
TT Genesis power amps
TT MAC phono stage
Linn LP12/Ittok?Karma
Technics SL10
Cambridge Audio 840C cd/dac
SRM-2 driver unit/ Stax headphones
Speakers: Quad 989