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DL103 tuning notes

DL103R_1a.jpg (120509 bytes) Denon DL-103R

DSC_2676.jpg (89161 bytes) Matching this cart to the Expressimo RB250

DSC_2686.jpg (105667 bytes)Custom Ebony body by Uwe


History: The DL103 was designed for professional broadcast use in 1962 using the arms and turntables of the day. Production has continued uninterrupted since then with several slight variations and versions.  This version is the DL-103R

Type: Moving coil

Features & specs:

.25mv output
6-nines (99.9999%) pure copper coil windings
tubular aluminum cantilever with .2mm conical shaped, nude mounted diamond stylus
Compliance rating: 5x10-6 cm/dyne (at 100 hz)
Compliance at 10 - 11 hz has been calculated to be approximately 11x10-6cm/dyne
VTA: 15 degrees
Total weight: 8.5 grams
Frequency Response: 20hz to 45khz
Recommended vertical tracking force: 2.5g +- .3g
Output impedance: 14 ohms
Load impedance: >100 ohms

DSC_2699.jpg (94139 bytes)