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Build It Yourself

This page is for those crafty folks who want to build some of their own bits and pieces of the audio system puzzle.


Diy'ing A Time Machine (Garrard 401)



Create your own turntable 




Antistat_1w.jpg (59205 bytes)Anti-Static methods


Turntable Concept Drawings 

Based upon Thorens TD150 and TD160 turntable parts.  And one of them was actually built...guess which one.

150skel_3.jpg (71794 bytes) Skeleton TD150/TD160

150plinth2m.jpg (29086 bytes) Constrained layer plinth and sub-chassis for a Thorens TD150.

R4_3a.jpg (32683 bytes) A simpler, non-suspended approach using TD160 or TD150 parts

TD150_R5_4.jpg (58528 bytes) R5, more traditional in appearance and layout for the TD150


Restoration Projects:

Thorens TD124 refurbish projects: photo documented with text

Link to The TD124 Dept.

Thorens Prestige Restored  Rolf Kelch restores a factory test mule Prestige.

Thorens Reference Restored REF01~1.jpg (40598 bytes)

DIY Platter Mats lecork2_1a.jpg (47746 bytes)


Tweaks and upgrades

Tweaking a TD150 Mk II.  Bearing_4.jpg (56003 bytes)

Armboards: fitting an SME 3009 Improved tonearm to a TD160

Tweaks page.  Improving a TD160

Tweaking a TD160 ala Rolf Kelch

Rack_3.jpg (51543 bytes) Shelves, platforms and plinths by Bushman

Actual_frame_1.jpg (57346 bytes) Shelves and platforms  by user510

TTfix_1cweb.jpg (70242 bytes) Linn has their jig.....but no need to borrow it, cause we now have a ....Thorens Jig..!

DIY speaker cables