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back to shelves and platforms

How 'bout an air suspension Turntable shelf...?  Cheap too.

Supply list:

Brackets: 1/4 inch steel flat-bar from Home Depot.   size is 18 inch.

Stud Finder: Home Depot, again.  Electronic stud finder less than $10.00.

Bolts: 3/16 x 2-1.2 inch lag bolt.  (6 used.  3 each bracket to tie brkt's to studs behind sheetrock.)

Carpenters level for getting shelf level.

#10 Wood Screws to secure lower shelf to brackets.

Shelf mtl.: Grade A Birch ply, 1/2 inch thick. 

Inner-tubes: 3 hand truck inner-tubes from Home Depot (again..)

Blue Tack: between brackets and wall, brackets and shelf

Fabric Covering: optional. I've got green leather (cowhide) here.  It would be possible to construct the top shelf with side covers and a laminate surface texture of your choice.  Many options.



1)  Proximity to room corner makes tonearm/cartridge susceptible to standing wave resonance.  On the other hand, the corner offers best possible structural integrity of supporting wall studs.  A compromise.  

2) Recognizing that the brackets and plywood by themselves would not provide optimum isolation from surface borne vibrations off the wall, I added the inner-tubes and a second shelf to isolate.  This did result in an audibly quieter (blacker)  background. 

3) Added benefit: One can set level of top layer by altering inflation of tubes.

4) I inflated tubes with a very low air pressure to make them a more compliant springing medium.  Higher air pressure would have firmer suspension. A bicycle pump works fine.  A small portable compressor is even better if you're lazy like me. 

5) It would be entirely possible to inject liquid (using a syringe) into the tubes in addition to or in place of air for a "different" damped spring compliance.  I've heard of people using vegetable oil.  I haven't tried this, but it remains an option. Leaks could be catastrophic, however.

6) Variations on shelf material could be used;  acrylic,  Corian, tempered glass, marble, various composites, etc. I priced acrylic at 2 inch thickness for the above dimension at over $300 one plate.