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DIY Turntables

This page is for those who want to build their own turntable.  It can be made from old discarded turntable parts shaped into a new table, or it can be assembled from new off-the-shelf components, or it can be scratch built, or be of any combination above.  This page will also include tables which have been extensively modified to the point where performance is elevated to a higher category and or operation has been changed.  Or, perhaps, the re-design is outrageous but with style.

Garrett Roach

RN_soitin 4 058.jpg (129216 bytes)AKA: corleone

RB250 fitted view.jpg (28267 bytes) Bushman #1

FT006a.JPG (153778 bytes) Korton

J.J. Jimmink's new turntable

Complete.jpg (52771 bytes) Bushman's TD166 Ambiance

Masse gesamt.JPG (82528 bytes) Jochen Straceny

Jeremy Justice

Michel Philipsen's skeleton Thorens TD165 (Holland)

KF_11.jpg (187216 bytes) Keith Fitzgibbon's re-imagined Thorens TD160 ( BC, Canada )