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Denon DL-103R modified with a Uwe Panzerholz body and a Ruby cantilevered Line Contact stylus.

Above: the broken off business-end of a Ruby cantilevered Line Contact diamond stylus, complete with the cooked-on grunge associated with the business of record playback. Cantilever and stylus courtesy of Fritz Gyger AG in Switzerland.  There is a story about how this particular stylus managed to snap in two but that will be revealed in the new and upcoming epic saga as yet to be released.  Please stay tuned for that one!

DSC_1315.jpg (285447 bytes) DSC_1317.jpg (220051 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

DSC_1319_cc.jpg (378944 bytes) DSC_1323.jpg (296851 bytes) DSC_1324.jpg (273848 bytes)

DSC_1326.jpg (387590 bytes) DSC_1328.jpg (279265 bytes)

Above five photos show the Denon DL-103R wearing one of Uwe's custom Panzerholz wood bodies.   Uwe doesn't make any of these Denon bodies any more and that is a shame.  I own two and have installed two more Uwe bodies for customers. I liked the quality and style of his exotic wood bodies.  They did not require adhesive and the fit was always 'just right' and easy to assemble.  Sound quality - compared directly to an original Denon plastic body - definitely favors the wood body with greater clarity....an apparent cleaner sound.  Then next we replace the Denon tubular aluminum cantilever with conical stylus with the Gyger ruby / line contact job and an whole new level of performance transforms this cartridge into one that competes with cartridges that cost above $1000.  Of course by then you've invested almost that much with the modifications represented here.  That is -- except for that last mod I gave it, don't break the damn tip off will 'ya ;^)

 DSC_1333.jpg (235144 bytes) DSC_1349.jpg (284020 bytes) DSC_1352.jpg (228011 bytes)

LC holding 2.jpg (246358 bytes) LC holding method.jpg (425967 bytes) Left two photos, how I held the stylus for several of the close-up shots on this page.

200x_b_linecontact.jpg (211930 bytes) Left: checking stylus wear at 200x...and yes, the wide shiny spots do indicate some wear.

50x_linecontact.jpg (145060 bytes)Left: checking stylus wear at 50x.