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Eric Landry's Thorens TD126 mkII

date: 9/5/2019

Eric's text below:


"I'm pretty new to the vintage/analogue arena. A friend of mine says I'm going through a midlife crisis to get the stereo I always wanted when I was 16. There might be some truth to that.

I've been creating a vintage system for the last number of months. It started with acquiring a very nice Marrantz 2270, my dream amp when I was 15. I love it. Then I wanted a good cd deck with a decent DAC, and came across a lovely Arcam FMJ CD23. I found a killer set of Allison CD9s gorgeous and they kick.

I then set about searching for a nice higher-end vintage Thorens. Finding them in good shape with a working lid is rare.

I came across this 126 MKII on Canuck Audio Mart. It was a little dirty but in great shape. I was told it had been purchased in '78, used for a year, and then the gentleman went to Israel to live permanently. His wife was now disposing of some of his things long left behind. (I tend to at least partially believe this story because it's absolutely mint. Not a scratch anywhere, cover works, and almost fully functional.)

The autolift is not working (researching that, not sure I can fix that, but maybe a vintage tech can, if parts can be found). I will be replacing the springs as it is sagging. I purchased a spring kit from Dave at Vinyl Nirvana - very nice guy! It is a beautiful machine and sounds amazing." unquote

Eric Landry, Burlington, Ontario Canada

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